Building Value


After we’ve determined the “gap”, we can then work on the most substantial part of Exit Planning, Building and Preserving Value. Value Drivers are elements that build and preserve the value of a business and are what buyers are willing to pay for. Examples of Key Value Drivers are a stable and motivated management team, a realistic growth strategy, and operating systems that improve the sustainability of cash flows.

The Value Driver Analysis will focus on:

  • Identifying your Strategic Objectives.
  • Determining your current personal and business financial resources.
  • The specific areas in your business that you need to focus on to close the gap.

Value Analysis

Specific areas of focus:

  • Putting Business Fundamentals In Order
  • Tactical Planning
  • Systemize Internal Operations
  • Leveraging Human Resources
  • Financial Measurement and Management
  • Benchmarking and Measuring Success

We will then work with you to create and execute a plan to build and preserve the value of your business. Some clients choose to engage our services solely to Build Value, outside of the Exit Planning process.